Woman being Branded
What happens when you've learned that the Minds behind the popular Brands that you've spent so much money on over the years are:
-Racist    -Homophobic   -Misogynistic.
You then realize that you've been promoting a biased Brand with empty messaging and truly, their products/services lack creativity, originality, insight and effort. These Brands love to take your money but form their business (from product creation to executive employment) with a different segment of the population in mind. Some of their Creators are Overtly biased, making public statements that they don't need a certain Group's money or that they are against a certain Group's happiness. But you still Buy-Buy-Buy-Buy. Why? Because Everyone Else continues to Buy - Buy from the Brands that love how you make them Rich but they don't love You. Sounds like Slavery? It's time that You Claim some of those Riches by Re-Claiming the Confidence in Yourself!

With Meaningful, Cutting-Edge content, FREEDOM Licks caters to the Minority not the Majority - to the Individual not the Masses - to the Somebody not Everybody. We strive to strengthen confidence in the characteristics that make you unique and reverse the conditioning that attempts to suppress/oppress Greatness - Not only through in-house content But also by providing opportunities for others to reach their potential by utilizing and benefiting from their innate abilities.

-Everything you Need to be Great is Already inside You-

by Tina Curry

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