Girl with Big Dreams

So what happened?
-You can never lose your natural talents, only your confidence-
So why not reach your potential by utilizing the skills that come naturally to you?
From an early age, we are conditioned to be more like the people around us and less like the individuals we are meant to be, so inevitably this leads us to travel a continuous path of difficulty because it is not our path to take. Now we are: 
         -no closer to fulfilling our dreams, than when we were that enthusiastic child 
-no closer to fulfilling our dreams, than the people around us are to fulfilling theirs.
We abandoned the road less traveled, of utilizing our natural talents, for the arduous road traveled by most, which is thought to be safe and easy. But as it turns out, the road traveled by most is the road for Lazy Thinkers > The Brainwashed.

Girl on Road traveled by most

A significant amount of time has passed in our lives and we lost some confidence in ourselves due to the lack of encouragement in individuality from the people around us And the remainder of our confidence has been lost due to the difficulties endured while taking the arduous road most traveled.

So what now? Have you given up on your Dreams? Are you living just to survive?

-It's never too late to be Great (nor too early for that matter)-

We all have talents, the only thing missing is confidence -in Self  - in our Unique Thoughts  -in our Innate Abilities

-Confidence fuels the will to achieve Success and Happiness-

These inspirational statements may sound cliché But really ask yourself:

Why haven't I reached my potential nor come close? Others who look like me And come from the same background as me have fulfilled their dreams of success and happiness.

So Why Can't I?

There's only 1 Oprah But there's only 1 You!

Girl on Road less traveled

*This journal entry is dedicated to Sequoia Penn. Not only did she inspire the creation of this post But has also played a significant role in my life, inspiring me to be the courageous Independent Thinker I am today*

by Tina Curry

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