Revolutionary IdeaThink For Yourself!

I know you're turning up your nose right now, saying to yourself:

"Who the hell are you!"

"I'm free!"

"I'm Woke!"

"I live in America or [insert your Civilized Nation here]!"

But calm down, take a step back and think about your beliefs. Is there a possibility that many of the things you believe in, are just ideals that were passed down to you by Other people - people who were also unknowingly conditioned themselves? It's a Legacy of unknown brainwashing, so pervasive that most people find it difficult to just question their beliefs least of all free themselves.

-Why do I hold these beliefs?
-Where did my beliefs come from?
-Do my beliefs limit my success and/or happiness?
I know you still can't accept that your thoughts may not be your own But I must press on to make my plea to the others.

Free Yourself

  • you, who has no one in your life to help strengthen your confidence nor cultivate your talents
  • the woman who put her dreams on hold to be a supportive wife / mother
  • you, who thinks "outside the box", surrounded by the close-minded
  • the worker who sells their talents for pennies to make others millions
  • you, who diminishes your intellect, so as not to seem arrogant
  • the woman who has lost her independence due to the insecurities of another
  • you, who feels lost, searching yourself for a greater purpose
  • the teenager who is bullied for being "different"
  • you, who has big dreams, trapped in a small town
  • the woman who stays in a loveless marriage for the fear of failure
  • you, who can often feel alone in a room full of people
  • the socially awkward student who eats alone during lunch
  • the woman who buries her true happiness under falsehoods of a heterosexual lifestyle, so as not to disappoint family
  • you, who is ambitious surrounded by the content
  • the college student who is "wasting away" in a lecture hall because college is customary and "safe"
  • the man who is afraid to be labeled "feminine"
  • the worker who is actually more intelligent than all of management combined
  • you, who distorts your worth with an obsession for material goods, so as not to face your true self worth
  • the man who lives a life of quiet desperation hiding his sexuality, so as not to offend religious beliefs
  • the intelligent "hot girl" who is often seen and rarely heard
  • the elder who has regrets of not having accomplished more in life
  • you, who works a miserable job, just to pay the bills
  • the artist who yearns for an outlet, being led down a path of tradition
  • you, the "black sheep of the family"                                                                                          
Individuality Breeds Greatness
by Tina Curry



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