We were Sick and Fucking tired of the never-ending lazy rhetoric that conditions Us to be more like Others and less of an Individual:  (Excuse our passion, we'll provide tame examples since we cursed)

- "Just go with the Flow"
- " [insert your Mother's legendary wisdom here"
- "Don't rock the boat"
 - " You should be more like [insert Perfect Patty's name here]
- " [insert your Pastor's legendary wisdom here] "
- "Go along to get along"
-  "Just deal with it"
- " [insert your Grandmother's legendary wisdom here] "
- "Do as I say, not as I do"
- "Roll with the punches"
- " [insert your Supervisor's legendary wisdom here"
How can we discover what makes us great and use it to reach our potential  if we are conditioned to be more like Others, meanwhile 98% of the Others will never reach their potential. 
From the brain and hands of an indie artist; FREEDOM Licks® is a rare Art-Driven clothing/design brand, Mixing:
🍭 A "Sugar Coating" of  Must-See Playful Images
- art enhancing techniques
              - 1 of a kind hand-drawn origination
with a
🍭 Non-Conformist Message Center
We merge these eye-catching ingredients to encourage Free Thought and celebrate Uniqueness, both of which are facing extinction, now becoming priceless assets! 
Preservation of Individuality is crucial to the discovery of Greatness
Join Us in the Rebellion Against Conformity

This Revolutionary Movement Needs You!