Let's Collaborate


If you are in need of visually-striking + clever + creative + outside-the-box imagery for an upcoming project, we can assist you with bringing your ideas to life...to print...to webpage.
The creative process is as follows: 
  • Meet with and/or telecommunicate with clients to determine the scope of the project (including confirmation of timeline and fair pricing)
  • Discussion and confirmation of target audience as it relates to design
  • Determine the message the design should portray
  • Utilize a combination of hand-drawn art and computer technology to create images that identify a product, a service or convey a message (includes selection of colors, text style and layout)
  • Develop graphics for merchandise, product /service illustrations, marketing materials, logos and webpages (incl. blog articles)         
  • Presentation of the design to clients
  • If applicable, incorporate changes recommended by the clients into the final design                                                                                                   
See examples of our work via:          
  • www.freedomlicks.com  (all imagery on site, including graphic art/designs on products are created in-house) 
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest                                               
For more information and to retain our services, make contact directly at                    freedomlicks@gmail.com  *prompt response*
Looking forward to collaborating with you on your next unique project!